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See How Much Fruit You Can Smash Out Of Bricks With MacBrickout

See How Much Fruit You Can Smash Out Of Bricks With MacBrickout

May 22, 2012
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MacBrickout (Free) by Carson Whitsett is a fast-paced game similar to Atari’s arcade classic Breakout, but with oh, so many fascinating features. You won’t want to miss out on any of the crazy mayhem that awaits you in this ever-evolving game of brick breaking.

MacBrickout by Carson Whitsett screenshot

Players start with a tutorial that explains just what the “lift-touch” control is all about. This feature will allow players to explode bombs, release radiation from balls and toggle laser beams on and off. Yes, I said laser beams. This game has so much going on at any given time that it is hard to pay attention to where your ball is headed.

There are special capsules hidden throughout the levels that will drop when you break a brick. The capsules give power ups like extra lives, multiple balls, longer paddles, vertical movement and all sorts of other bonuses. There are also a few capsules that you want to avoid. For example, there is a red one with a black “X” on it. Don’t grab that one or it will make your paddle useless.

There is also this little green pill bug called an “Umphee” that walks around in the sand beneath your paddle. Sometimes, he will help you by catching dropped balls and sending them back into play. This little bug does all kinds of things that turn a traditional game of Breakout into a carnival of fun.

You can also adjust the game settings to add “strange” or “wacky” sounds, play the soundtrack included with the game, or select songs from your device’s music library, change the paddle tracking and increase or decrease the game’s difficulty.

There are 27 levels, and each one is very different. There are levels with warp holes that throw your ball to the other side of the screen, levels where you have to hit a switch to activate a wall that will give access to more bricks and levels with mazes of non-breakable bricks that you have to maneuver through. There is even a level without bricks. Instead, players bounce balls off of pipes to remove rust and “fix” the plumbing.

This game is so amazing that it is hard to believe it is free. Players can unlock the full version, which adds the bomb balls, radioactive balls, lasers, and various added features for only $0.99. I recommend unlocking the full game. It is way more fun. Players who don’t want to work through each level individually can also unlock all the levels for an additional $0.99, which is a nice feature, but not necessary. If you like arcade games in the Breakout genre, you will flip for MacBrickout.

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