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Swipe To Find Your Way Out In Mazes

Swipe To Find Your Way Out In Mazes

May 25, 2012
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Mazes ($0.99) by Parachute Apps tests if you can find your way to the exit before the par time is passed. However, even if the par has passed, you still have to find your way out.

The game is played by swiping in any direction on the screen to move the little red box through the maze. While it sounds simple enough, that’s just how you play the game.

Winning it can be something entirely different.

Mazes by Parachute Apps screenshot

You’ll need both a quick sense of where to go, combined with adept swiping. With all of the 90 degree angles in the maze, turning corners takes quick swipes in the different directions. I’ve found the game to be responsive enough to keep up.

The developers did well to stay away from tilting to move, which is not fine-tuned enough.

There are only 12 levels, though they get progressively harder. Yes, it stings quite bad when you spend a minute or more just backtracking from a dead end. The idea is that you keep trying to either get under par or beat your previous time.

The game definitely does a good job of settling you in and gradually increasing the difficulty. Each level is locked until you complete the one before it.

However, if you want to jump to the head of the class, you can unlock all of the levels in the settings menu.

Level 12 has a par of 10 minutes, which should give you an idea of how insanely complicated it is. My head hurt just looking at it. The map is so packed tight that the size of your box shrinks as well.

A navigation arrow in the bottom corner of the screen will magnify the box for a moment if you happen to lose it.

If you like mazes and are looking for a good time killer game, Mazes would be a good fit. The caveat is that you’d be okay with revisiting levels to improve your score.

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