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Scalado PhotoBeamer Lets You Share Your Pictures With A Simple QR Code Scan

Scalado PhotoBeamer Lets You Share Your Pictures With A Simple QR Code Scan

May 29, 2012
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Scalado PhotoBeamer ($0.99) by Scalado AB is a useful photography app that lets you beam your iPhone’s camera roll directly to a Web browser without having to sign up, plug in or have a special compatible box. Now you can show off your photos wherever there is a Web-enabled display screen nearby.

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Have you ever been at a party, showing off pictures of your fluffy puppy doing something adorable when you are suddenly surrounded by a group of onlookers? Before you know it, you’ve got Uncle Mike breathing down your neck while little Andy Jr. is crying because he can’t see the pictures. Your problems have been solved with Scalado PhotoBeamer.

This app lets you show off your iPhone’s pictures on a larger screen, a screen that Uncle Mike and Andy Jr. could both see at the same time. All you have to do is tap an image in your camera roll, visit and scan a QR code and you can show off your photos just like you were watching them on Apple TV.

There is no denying that this is incredibly easy to use. I was accessing my camera roll using a fourth generation iPod touch and never had a single issue with crashing or slow loading. The QR code scanned almost immediately, every time I called it up. No matter which picture I selected in my camera roll, all photos were viewable once the QR code was scanned.

You can adjust the way in which your images are displayed in the settings section. View them in fill screen, fit-to-screen, or old-fashioned. Old-fashioned rounds the corners and makes the images look like they are being viewed on a vintage television set.

I have a couple of complaints. For one thing, users can only access photos from the device’s camera roll. You can’t choose from albums. So, if you have hundreds of pictures on your phone and you can’t remember where they are in your camera roll, you might end up showing grandma and grandpa your frat party photos while looking for the graduation pictures.

Additionally, I found the image quality to be very poor when I displayed my photos on my 27-inch iMac screen. I used photos of varying quality, too. Some were from a DSLR camera, some were screenshots and some were taken with my device. All of them had a grainy quality that made details hard to see. Portrait images were stretched out to fit the Web browser.

As of writing this review, the QR code scanner Web page is down. The developers are promising to have it up and running as soon as possible, though. Hopefully, you weren’t relying on Scalado PhotoBeamer for that business presentation you’ve been working on all month.

Even though the images look grainy and low-quality and you can only access images from your device’s camera roll, this is a useful app. It is so simple to use that anyone can do it. It is priced low, so the usefulness outweighs the minor inconveniences. I recommend this app to anyone who likes to show off photos to friends and family and is ever in a group situation, so basically, everyone.

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