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Soda Pop Zombies Are On The Loose And You Are The World’s Only Hope

Soda Pop Zombies Are On The Loose And You Are The World’s Only Hope

May 16, 2012
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Soda Pop Zombies ($0.99) by Thistle Coast, LLC is a physics-based shooter game that pits you, one of the last surviving humans, against a horde of zombies. Fling balls of fire from a volcano before the radioactive undead fall in and destroy the earth.

Soda Pop Zombies by Thistle Coast, LLC screenshot

Players use a spewing volcano to stop mindless zombies as they travel up the mountainside. Using a drag-and-shoot motion, aim and fling fireballs at them to burn them to ashes before they can make it to the mouth of the volcano. If they do, their radioactive innards will cause a nuclear explosion that will annihilate what is left of the human race.

To shoot a fireball, touch the volcano and drag your finger downward. An arrow will appear that will let you see the direction that the fireball will go. To shoot further, drag your finger downward more. When you’ve aimed properly, just lift your finger off of the screen and watch the destruction as the lava turns the zombies into a billowing cloud of gray smoke.

The hordes come in waves. There are different colored zombies that take more than one hit to kill. There are also various obstacles that make it more difficult to hit the undead. For example, by the time you get hit with the fourth wave of zombies in the first world, the undead are protected from fireballs with bottles of soda pop, so you have to destroy the bottles before you can get to them. Players do not have unlimited firepower, so don’t waste ammo.

There are four worlds with five waves in each. At the end of each world, there is a boss zombie that is not particularly difficult to beat if you have enough firepower left.

Players collect coins from various zombies that can be used to upgrade firepower. The upgrades have to be unlocked with achievements before they can be purchased. For example, to unlock Tripe Fireball, you must get the “Three Flies, One Swat” achievement, meaning you must kill three zombies with a single fireball.

If you find the game to be too difficult, simply adjust the settings at the main menu. You can reduce the difficulty level to as low as “Cake” or as high as ”Rabid.” If you still find the horde attack to be too easy, you can throw more zombies into the mix by tapping the bottle at the top of the screen. It will send in another wave to spice things up.

This is a fun game with clever graphics. Players can knock a zombie across the desert with a well-placed hit, or simply bowl them to their death by rolling a fireball along the mountainside. The ability to adjust the difficultly level and fine-tune the game experience makes it even better. Fans of casual physics-based shooter games will enjoy saving the planet from radioactive zombies.

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