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Grab Your Voodoo Friends And Solve Some Puzzles

Grab Your Voodoo Friends And Solve Some Puzzles

May 23, 2012
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Voodoo Friends ($0.99) by Cego ApS is a puzzle game with some kind of strange magic. As soon as you start to play, you just don’t want to quit. Help Newton and his friends find balls of yarn and get to the next level.

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Newton is an adorable, doe-eyed voodoo doll that can crawl under very small spaces. Players move him by first tapping the character and then tapping where they want him to go. If there is nothing blocking his path, Newton will go where directed, picking up yarn balls along the way.

Little Newton has friends that help along the way. Bacon is a big boy, a supersized voodoo doll, if you will. He can drop through week spots on a platform and stand on buttons that deactivate laser beams. He can also help Newton get across gaps by standing in them and holding up his hands. Then, little Newton can just walk right across.

The last voodoo doll in this party is Ghost. He can do all kinds of things with his ninja powers. He can walk across spikes, jump and do all kinds of… well, now that I think about it, he can just walk across spikes and jump. I guess that’s not so impressive.

Using this team, players solve obstacle-based puzzles by sending Bacon to do the heavy-lifting, Newton to get through tight spots and Ghost to get places that the others wouldn’t dare. Between the three of them, players can almost always get all of the yarn balls and get out unscathed.

There are special “needles” that the voodoo friends have to use in order to do certain things. For example, if Newton wants to drop from a very high place, he can use an umbrella needle to float down. If Ghost wants to get to an area that is encased in earth, he can use the drill needle. Players can buy extra sets of needles through a $0.99 in-app purchase if they want the convenience of not having to think too hard to solve the puzzles.

This is a really fun game with lots of challenging puzzles to solve. The artwork is very cute and there are lots of levels to play. My only complaint is that, without purchasing extra needles, there are some balls of yarn that just can’t be gathered. If you are looking for a fun puzzle game, check out Voodoo Friends in the App Store.

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