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Quicklytics Gets A Huge Update

Quicklytics Gets A Huge Update

May 22, 2012
Quicklytics, from ESCOZ, is a simple and fast Google Analytics app. By using Quicklytics you can check out almost real time data about sites you run, and have connected with Google Analytics. Quicklytics has been out for a while now, but it has recently received quite a substantial update, bringing it up to version 7.1 According to the App Store description, the new additions and tweaks in this update are quite impressive:
  • Tap and hold the chart will now display it in full screen!
  • Tap and hold a little chart to select other metrics!
  • A lot of new reports requested by the users: Unique Visitors, Custom Variables, Visit length, Drilldown of the pages, and proper grouping for behavior reports
  • Many reports can now show data by hour or date
  • Send reports view email to your friends!
  • App translated to German, Turkish, Portuguese, French and Spanish!
While Quicklytics will not be the most exciting app you download this year, it certainly has huge benefits if you are looking to keep a close eye on your personal or corporate site. Previous versions of Quicklytics received a lukewarm reception, giving it an average App Store score of three stars. The version 7.1 update has, however, received a much more favorable welcome. Priced at $4.99, it certainly isn't a must have app. There are free alternatives, such as I Spy Analytics, though Quicklytics provides a lot more options and a far nicer UI. Do you need the level of analysis Quicklytics can provide, on the go?

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