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Quirky App Of The Day: Voodooed

Quirky App Of The Day: Voodooed

May 9, 2012
I understand the need to vent frustration. Keeping it all bottled up just isn't healthy. Some people take up contact sports. Some people take up drinking. Then, there are some people who take out their aggression on inanimate objects. I tend to be in the last group. Voodooed is an app built for passive agressive behavior. Voodooed is a universal app that lets you place your worst enemy's picture over the doll. While this is an option, I chose not to impose a picture in my example. First, I don't happen to have any enemies at the moment. Well, I at least don't have access to their photos. I didn't want to use any family photos since it might hurt their feelings. I could have used a personal photo, but I refuse. Clicking on the folder with the green arrow will open up the camera roll, and you can choose your photo from there. Unlike a few other voodoo kits I've seen, this one has more of an arsenal than the others. On the right side is a tool box icon. I feel like an unlicensed surgeon rolling out his bundle of rusty tools whenever I tap on the icon. There's the option to use screws, a feather, a knife, a fist, or a thumb tack. The feather doesn't seem to be much of a threat at first glance. However, I am extremely ticklish. I hate being tickled. I can't breathe, my chest cramps up, and it hurts trying to get away. A feather is a valid form of torture indeed. The disk is the universal icon for saving. It saves a screenshot of your masterpiece/monstrosity to your camera roll. The camera icon is to help you take a picture of whoever is making you angry enough to create a voodoo doll of them. If you don't feel properly satiated by the pins or screws, you can upload your photo to Facebook. A word of caution though: I would advise against uploading to Facebook. Send it to a friend with a great sense of humor. Email it to your mother for the look of disapproval she's bound to give you. Sharing it where bosses or teachers can see it might not be wise. What's your opinion about adding teachers or bosses on Facebook? I actively avoid it, but that's just me. Voodooed is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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