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Quotebook 2.0 Update Brings iPad Support, iCloud Sync, And More

Quotebook 2.0 Update Brings iPad Support, iCloud Sync, And More

May 31, 2012

Quotes are a wonderful thing. They will make you laugh, inspire or motivate you, or maybe even make you sad, in a good way. No matter what the case is, quotes are powerful. I love a good quote, and my preferred way to keep them to reference to later is with Quotebook — A Notebook for Quotes.

The app first came out last year, I gave it a lot of praise. It’s been over a year later, and I’m still using the app to store all these memorable quotes I come across. Quotebook remains one of my favorite apps on the iPhone, and today, it only gets even better.

Quotebook has hit version 2.0, and with it comes plenty of new features. The biggest is probably universal support. That’s right — Quotebook is now available for your iPad in full Retina glory. The iPad version features a beautiful interface, complete with well-done leather texture title bars on top of lightly finished “paper” background that puts a lot of emphasis on your quote. You can see the source underneath it, along with your rating, tags, and timestamp. The app can be used in portrait or landscape mode, with a two pane interface while in landscape. The list of quotes can be sorted by date or rating, author, source, or tag.

The second biggest thing is iCloud sync. That’s right — now you can have your quotes synced across multiple iPhones and iPads with iCloud. The developers at Lickability have made the syncing perfect — it happens instantly and there are no settings that you need to fiddle with other than turning it on.

Other minor, but still important, changes include support for Instapaper: now you can add a quote to Quotebook directly from Instapaper’s Share menu. And lastly, there is now a public URL scheme for Quotebook that allows you to add it to shortcut apps, such as my personal favorite, Launch Center.

For a full change log of Quotebook’s 2.0 update:

Quotebook 2.0: iPad, iCloud, and more.

Quotebook is now a universal app with a beautiful new Retina-ready iPad interface that lets you truly enjoy your quotes.

• iCloud Syncing: Quotebook seamlessly syncs your quotes across all of your devices via iCloud.

• Instapaper Support. Add quotes directly from Instapaper’s Share menu.

• Launch Center support: You can now launch the app with quotebook://


• Restores Facebook support.

• Fixes a crash with importing quotes from CSV.

• iPhone performance enhancements for viewing quotes.

• Quotebook no longer trims the quotation marks from your quotes.

• Tumblr improvements.

• Fixed an issue with Tweeting quotes longer than 140 characters.

• Open in Safari now takes you to the current page instead of the page you started on.

• We no longer prompt users to rate the app. If you love us, leave us a review. We ♥ you.

This update has been a massive effort, 9 months in the making. Thanks to you our users for your patience, our beta testers for their feedback, and our girlfriends for putting up with the long hours.

If you need support, we’d love to help. You can email us at or tweet @quotebookapp.

The update is free for existing users, or $2.99 for new customers.

Quotebook remains one of my favorite apps on iOS, and it just keeps getting better. Check it out — you won’t regret it.

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