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Razor: Salvation Is Crescent Moon Games' Latest Masterpiece

Razor: Salvation Is Crescent Moon Games' Latest Masterpiece

May 30, 2012
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Razor: Salvation ($0.99) by Crescent Moon Games is about as deep and feature-filled as you can get with a stationary first person shooter.

Crescent Moon Games, developer and publisher of games like Aralon, Pocket RPG, and Slingshot Racing, as well as Blowfish Studios, the developer behind Siegecraft, have teamed up to make an epic new first person shooter. Razor: Salvation follows a storyline similar to Mass Effect 3, where your task is to take back the Earth after it has been overrun by fierce alien (Xenos) soldiers.

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Razor: Salvation is a stationary FPS, which makes sense because you control an armored space craft. In essence, you land, blast Xenos, pick up civilians, and take off Pikmin-style when the ship is low on energy. Considering the mad variety of weapons and enemy types, and that you are trying to save civilians while the Xenos are trying to kill civilians (and you), the game is extremely intense, and it is extremely addictive because of it.

The game consists of three highly replayable missions, each of which is technically endless, and each of which is set in a different locale. Your overlying mission is to save civilians and kill Xenos, but you will also have three side missions at a time, ranging from killing two enemies with a mortar or barrel, to collecting 15 crates. Each time you play, you earn Razor bucks – the main currency. Completing side missions earns you medals, another currency. The mission-based nature of the game, as well as the upgrade system, will keep you coming back to Earth more times than you’d expect.

In all, there are six weapons, ranging from a standard autocannon, to a railgun named “Magnatron.” These weapons vary greatly in style of attack, adding a layer of strategy to the endless Xenos massacre. To go along with this, there are nine different enemy types, ranging from infected humans, to huge Xenos walkers. The enemies have varying weak points that you must take advantage of to survive.

Razor: Salvation by Crescent Moon Games screenshot

The upgrade system I mentioned is pretty deep for an FPS. Each weapon’s reload speed, fire rate, and max ammo can be upgraded. Also, you can upgrade your dropship’s two specials (the redeemer and hell fire) as well as things like the radar and shields. On top of that, you can even customize your ship’s looks as well as the color of the civilian hazmat suits. Razor bucks are used to purchase the upgrades (as well as ammo for your guns), and medals are used for customizations.

A huge part of Razor: Salvation is the leaderboard system. Join a faction (or make your own) and compete with players worldwide. Stats like total kills, most saves, most human kills, and a ton of others are all tracked. You can choose to view stats globally, or break it down by region.

All things considered, Razor: Salvation provides intense FPS action, coupled with faction-based global competition. There are too many awesome features here to cover. Gorgeous graphics, huge replay value, upgrades, leaderboards, factions, and super easy controls. What more can you ask for?

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