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Simple Brings All Your Banking To The iPhone

Simple Brings All Your Banking To The iPhone

May 10, 2012
Tired of dealing with brick and mortar banks? Want to do all of your banking online and from your iPhone/iPod touch? Say hello to Simple, which puts a new twist on everyday online banking, and is now available for iOS. Built by the Simple Finance Technology Corporation, the new service requires only two tools: a Simple Visa debit card (for making purchases) and your iPhone (for depositing checks). In addition, you may setup direct deposit, earn interest, pay bills, transfer money, and withdraw cash from over 40,000 ATMs. Using the free Simple app, you may:
  • View your transactions. See your transaction appear in seconds on your iPhone.
  • Send payments. Add payees and schedule one-time or recurring bill payments.
  • See each transaction in detail. Simple will categorize and map it for you.
  • Organize your transactions. Edit description, category or location.
  • Write a memo for any transaction. Keep track of what you buy.
  • Search transactions. Find all your transactions from a particular restaurant.
  • See your Safe-to-Spend™ Balance. Know your spending cushion immediately.
  • Find nearby ATMs nearest your current location.
  • Contact customer service. Customer service is just one button away
Best of all, Simple arrives with nearly no fees. This means no monthly debit card fees, account maintenance fees, low balance fees, or overdraft fees. In addition, there are no fees for domestic funds transfers, or for using an out-of-network ATM (although the out-of-network ATM owner may charge a fee). According to a posting on the Simple website:
We're building the banking experience we want as customers, and a great mobile app is a key part. We believe that mobile banking, when done right, can improve the decisions we make about money throughout our day, ultimately improving our financial lives. While technology and design might be line item expenses to many retail banks, they're our passion.
To get started, you must request an invitation since the service isn’t open to everyone just yet. Requirements include: being a resident of the United States over the age of 18, a Social Security number, and an iOS device with iOS 5.0 or higher. From there, you’ll receive something quite surprising: a personal email from a Simple representative asking you why you want to switch from a traditional bank. In part, the email reads:
So, I'd love to know from you in the meantime: why are you making the switch? What's your story? We're committed to building the best banking experience possible, and that means really understanding where you're coming from and what you're looking for. So what's up?
How’s that for personal service! Simple looks like an interesting concept and one we’ll follow closely as it makes it way across the United States. The Simple app is available today in the App Store. Ready to try Simple and ditch your bank?

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