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Sparrow Updated Again, But Apple Refuses To Allow Push Support

Sparrow Updated Again, But Apple Refuses To Allow Push Support

May 14, 2012
You may have noticed that we, along with half the world it seems, are big fans of the Sparrow mail application. At the beginning of April, the app received its first update, which brought with it some nice new tweaks and features. The app has been updated yet again. Sparrow 1.2 introduces four new features to the already impressive app, but don't get too excited, push support isn't one of them. According to the company's blog, the new features are:
  • Message navigation - You can now navigate all your mailbox messages simply by swiping up and down. When switching from a conversation to another, you’ll see a special separator clearly showing you’re swiping to a new conversation.
  • Edit and create folder/labels - You can now rename, create, delete all your labels and folders straight from within the app.
  • Landscape composing - You can now compose messages in landscape mode.
  • Fluent in 9 languages - Sparrow now speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese.
Every one of these new features are welcome additions, but what of the much sought after push notification support? Sparrow has shared an update on this front as well. The blog post states that, even though they received support from over 16,000 people, Sparrow was unable to budge Apple on its policy of not granting VoIP privileges. In light of this, Sparrow has announced that push is still in the cards, but it will have to be handled on their end. The downside of this, however, is the cost. To cover this a yearly subscription is going to be required when the service is added in a future update. I, for one, have no need for push support so this update is enough for me, but how do you feel about Apple's stubbornness to make a move on this? Do they have valid reasons, or are they just being bullheaded?  

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