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Teeny Green: A Brave Little Blob

Teeny Green: A Brave Little Blob

May 10, 2012
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Teeny Green ($0.99) by Phenom Studios is an exciting and challenging puzzle game that everyone can enjoy. It combines strategic move making and new gameplay mechanics to keep you on your toes. So, like your teachers used to say, “Put your thinking caps on and get to work.”

Teeny Green and a few of his friends were working when they came across a giant golden star. Of course, like anyone else in sheer amazement, they took the golden star home. The greedy Onicrons (unicorn blobs) sought out to steal the newly found treasure. They managed to muscle it away from Teeny Green and escaped down a sewage pipe. Teeny Green is the only one brave enough to chase after the Onicron thieves. Help him retrieve the stolen golden star and return it to his friends.

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With over 70 standard levels spanning three zones, you will have enough puzzles to keep you busy for quite some time. Like many other games, the more you play, the more challenging the levels become. With new and exciting gameplay mechanics always popping up, there is no question that this game can become challenging.

The object of the game is rather simple, but can pose a real problem without a well-thought out plan. Blue circles represent Teeny Green’s possible moves. He needs to move across platforms to reach the desired golden star, while steering clear of the Onicrons. To receive gold status for a level, you need to complete it in the required amount of moves or less.

Teeny Green can move once per turn, while the Onicrons can move two spots. To make things more challenging, if a red and a blue Ornicron run into each other, they form a more powerful black one, which can move three spots per turn. Mixing red and blue makes purple in real life, but apparently it makes black in this game. Don’t ask me why.

Teeny Green by Phenom Studios screenshot

You will be able to pull levers that will block Onicrons from reaching you or step on a roller that will move you two spots instead of just one. Barriers are also placed throughout the levels, which can help block Onicrons from you as well. Be strategic and think before moving in this game.

This puzzle game is unique and exciting to play, so I’m recommending you purchase it from the App Store. All age groups can enjoy this one, so make sure to share! I’m going to go play it some more!

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