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Travel Back In Time With This Retro TV iPad Dock

Travel Back In Time With This Retro TV iPad Dock

May 1, 2012
In a world full of folio cases and Smart Covers, it's nice to see something like the Handmade Natural Stained Wood Retro TV iPad Dock. Like its lengthy name implies, this iPad dock (which is actually more of a stand, really) emulates the look of a vintage television set. You won't be doing any type of folding to this stand to prop up your iPad and you certainly won't be putting this in your bag to carry around. Its wooden feet will display your iPad at a fixed angle while you view your iPad's not-so-retro display through a rounded cutout. My only gripe is that the cutout leaves some of the iPad's bezel in view. I suppose that's a design choice to have this stand truly resemble a vintage television, but the result looks a little wonky to me. If you can look past that, then this may be the stand for you.

You can get your hands on a Handmade Natural Stained Wood Retro TV iPad Dock for $60 from its sellers Etsy page. Each is made to order and can accommodate an iPad 2, as well as the new iPad. I'm too young for this to provide me with any sense of nostalgia, but if this stand is giving you some flashbacks, it would definitely have a home in an office or study. Does this iPad stand interest you? Or, do you think that iPads and wood just don't mix?

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