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Unstoppable Fist - Save The World With Quick Reflexes And A Mullet

Unstoppable Fist - Save The World With Quick Reflexes And A Mullet

May 30, 2012
I'm not sure if Ragtag Studio's upcoming title, Unstoppable Fist, is so ridiculous that it's awesome, or vice versa. In this retro-styled action title, you play as Fist, the legendary "unstoppable one." Armed with a golden mullet, Loafers of Light, and your unstoppable fists, you'll take your stand to save the free world from the likes of evil piranhas, chickens and bats. Oh yeah, despite the mullet, star belt buckle, and loafers, Fist is actually from outer space. Don't worry; it doesn't need to make sense. The game's trailer doesn't make the story any easier to take in: It looks like this will be an "endless" game. That is, you'll be fighting off baddies on each side of the screen, presumably until you take enough hits to drain your health completely. As outlined on the game's official website, more of Unstoppable Fist's features include:
  • Retro style graphics and old school fighting gameplay will take you back to the days of action game legends such as Kung Fu and Street Fighter
  • Multiple skill levels make it great fun for the inexperienced and pro gamer alike.
  • An ever increasing difficulty will will give you a beating and have you screaming for more!
  • Three animated stages featuring more than 20 different enemies!
  • Game Center leader boards let you see how your skills stack up against your friends!
  • A rockin soundtrack that can be downloaded for free!
Speaking of that soundtrack, it's surprisingly good. A quick listen will be sure induce a sense of nostalgia in just about anyone who's ever played a SEGA Genesis or Super Nintendo. This game's old school graphics, sweet soundtrack, and ridiculous story should (hopefully) add up to a nice iOS gaming experience. Unstoppable Fist is expected to hit the App Store on June 15. As always, we'll keep you posted. How do you think the game looks so far?

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