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Zynga Unleashes Zombie Hordes In The Streets Of New York City And San Francisco

Zynga Unleashes Zombie Hordes In The Streets Of New York City And San Francisco

May 24, 2012
It isn't quite the zombie apocalypse we'd been hoping for dreading, but starting today, Zynga is unleashing zombies in the streets of New York City and San Francisco to celebrate the upcoming launch of Zombie Swipeout. Don't worry, these zombies aren't out for your brains. They're actually donating "blood" pops to anyone who happens to pass by. It's their way of showing that zombies can be socially responsible, too. If you happen to live near midtown Manhattan or downtown San Francisco, be sure to follow Zynga on Twitter for up to the minute updates on their location. Zombie Swipeout has yet to hit the App Store (globally), but already there is some skepticism about the title regarding its similarities to Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja. Zynga has this to say about their upcoming title:
We call Zombie Swipeout the spiritual successor to ZombieSmash!Zombie Swipeout takes the category of slash games and strips it down to one, drop-dead, simple rule: don’t kill the good guy. The object of the game is to slash, slice, bludgeon, explode, and freeze as many zombies as possible without harming Joey, the lone human survivor from ZombieSmash! We’ve centered the game on one, massively social way to play: a weekly tournament where players compete against friends for the highest score.
Swap out zombies for fruit, Joey for bombs, and you've got Fruit Ninja. Is this a rip-off? Take a look at this trailer and decide for yourself. Either way, there are zombies in the streets and they're giving out free ice cream. That's something we can all be okay with.

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