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Abduct Farmers, Cows And Other Farm Dwellers In Probe The Humans

Abduct Farmers, Cows And Other Farm Dwellers In Probe The Humans

June 10, 2012
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Probe the Humans (Free) by GameResort LLC puts a twist on the endless running genre. This time you need to dodge obstacles and abduct farm dwellers at the same time.

For the most part, Probe the Humans is a simple endless game with a few freemium aspects. You play as an alien flying a UFO who descends upon the farmland to abduct anything that it can. Abducting things like animals, people, or coins will raise your score, but abducting buildings, cars, or fencing will cost you some health. Lose all of your health, and your UFO goes in for a crash landing, destroying everything in its path (and thus earning you more points).

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Like I said, Probe the Humans features endless gameplay. Each time you play, you will fly across some randomized farmland with coins, people, and other things scattered around. You control the tractor beam of the UFO with one finger. The nice thing about this is that you can touch anywhere on the screen and drag around, and the beam will move relative to that (so you don’t have your hand covering the screen). Just point the beam at an object and up it goes. This felt very intuitive to me, and you can even adjust the sensitivity.

You may have been turned off by the fact that GameResort made this freemium. While the game is free, and while there are in-app purchases (IAPs) for coins, it isn’t exactly forced upon you to spend real cash. As in other games, you need to be patient and collect a lot of coins.

Probe the Humans by GameResort LLC screenshot

That being said, there are quite a few things available in the shop. First, you can purchase four unique aliens to use, each of which sports its own UFO. You can also unlock various power-ups, upgrade your UFO’s health, and make available a ton of different farm dwellers. All of these things are purchased with in-game coins which can be abducted at a decent rate, or bought via IAP.

In terms of replay value, it is mainly the drive to unlock new power-ups and farm dwellers that will keep you playing. It will take quite a bit of time to collect enough coins for more expensive items, and that will keep you playing for a while. On top of that, there are also leaderboards as well as 46 achievements via Game Center.

Probe the Humans is a fresh take on the endless running genre which has become commonplace on the App Store. With its gorgeous art style, simple controls, and large store, Probe the Humans will eat your time up. If anything could be added to this, I would ask for possibly new zones and more farm dwellers. At the current price of free, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give this a try. Go abduct yourself some cows!

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