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Agenda Calendar Updated To 3.0, Brings Faster Event Creation And More

Agenda Calendar Updated To 3.0, Brings Faster Event Creation And More

June 5, 2012

Agenda Calendar, came out about a year ago (my original review can be found here), and has been my preferred calendar app for my iPhone and iPad ever since. To celebrate its first year in the App Store, it just got a version update to 3.0, making the app even better with more features.

I prefer Agenda over the native calendar and other options because of one main thing — it is extremely fast, and it focuses on the most important thing: the present. The past is hidden unless you scroll back to it for whatever reason, but the main focus is on the present and the future.

On launch, I can quickly see how my day is going to look with the day or week views. If I need more details on an event, a couple of swift swipes allows me to see the info I need, or a simple tap. I can swipe to change views to see the month, or even year. Agenda also has “smart features” such as making a call from the app or opening directions.

In previous versions, Agenda provided a way of creating events that was similar to the native Calendar. However, with version 3.0, adding a new event got a major facelift. The app now features even faster event creation with a more intuitive screen — picking the day and time has never been faster. There are also advanced custom repeat options, which is a bonus.

Additionally, other newly added major features include the ability to insert a contact into an event to use with status taps, new default settings, and the iPad version now allows users to swipe left or right to change views.

The full change log of Agenda Calendar 3.0:

Agenda v3.0 showcases our super fast new event creation screen and includes many of the most commonly requested features in our almost 1-year on the App Store. Enjoy!


✓ New event creation screen with a simplified layout*

✓ Highly customizable repeat event options during event creation

✓ Insert a contact into an event for use with status taps

✓ Added default alert setting (Settings→Defaults→Alert)

✓ Added default event duration (Settings→Defaults→Duration)

✓ Added default all day alert time (Settings→Defaults→All Day Alert Time)

✓ [iPad] Swipe right or left to change views

* More details available at


✓ Hide “All Day” event text (Settings→Extras→Show All Day Text)

✓ Expanded number of alert times

✓ Identify emails and numbers in “Notes” event area for use with status taps

✓ [iPad] Year and week view now move up or down instead of right or left

✓ [iPad] Change settings to a smaller modal view

✓ Ability to toggle to native iOS event creation


✓ Numerous stability and bug fixes

I love Agenda Calendar for iOS, and it seems to just keep getting better and better. I look forward to having it on my iOS devices for many more years to come.

The update is free for existing Agenda users, and new customers can check out one of the best universal calendar apps in the App Store for a bargain price of $0.99.

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