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Apple Updates Its Apps

Apple Updates Its Apps

June 11, 2012
Apple announced several major and not-so-major updates to its apps at WWDC today. These include:


Mail has been updated with "a more streamlined interface" and the ability to more easily rank your friends. You can now mark certain people as "VIPs" to designate their importance. VIPs have a star next to their name, even in the Notification Center. New mailboxes have also been added for VIPs and marked messages. New features include pull to refresh and adding photos and videos to emails with a single tap. Finally!  Mail should also be able to open password-protected documents.

Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone in iOS 6 adds "lost mode" to make it easier to a missing device. Lost mode allows you to immediately lock your phone with a passcode and send it a message displaying a contact number. That way anyone who finds your phone will be able to find you to return it. Lost mode also lets you monitor where your phone  has been via the Find My iPhone app.

Find My Friends:

Sorry, teens, but Apple just made it even harder for you to sneak out. Find My Friends in iOS 6 displays friends' locations on a map and adds location-based alerts. The app will make sure you never lose track of your loved ones. Yay?


Guided Access has been updated to make it easier for parents. Specifically, you can now designate parts of apps to disable as well as disabling the home button. It's a true "single user mode."

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