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Updated: Google Chrome Finally Hits iOS

Updated: Google Chrome Finally Hits iOS

June 28, 2012
Chrome for iOS has landed in the App Store! Google made the announcement at the Google I/O conference. Google Chrome for iOS features the tab and credential syncing features of Chrome for Android. This lets you carry over your settings and browsing from any device to the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. There is also an incognito mode, allowing you to easily browse with no recorded history on a per-tab basis. According to The Huffington Post:
The Chrome for iOS app follows the official release of the Chrome for Android app, a move out of beta that Google announced on day one of the conference. The iPhone and iPad Chrome app has much in common with its Android cousin: It shares a similar user interface, with tabs and flick-to-close webpages; also, if you sign in to Google Chrome on your desktop and on your smartphone, your tabs and browsing history can sync between devices, meaning that you'll have access to those pages you viewed on your laptop right on your iPhone or iPad, and vice versa.
Note: Google Chrome for iOS does not use the Chrome engine. It's the iOS Web view. UPDATE: Chrome is now live in the App Store!

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