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Here's What The Next iPhone May Look Like

Here's What The Next iPhone May Look Like

June 22, 2012
Tired of hearing about Microsoft’s Surface? Want some Apple news to chew on heading into the weekend? Take a look at these rendered photos of the upcoming iPhone, which were first posted at Gizmodo. Created by Martin Hajek, these photos show a thinner iPhone and use images of Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 app, Passbook. As Gizmodo suggests:
The two-tone black anodized aluminum is reminiscent of the old AV Sony designs of that decade—like their first CD player. The white model is not 80s, though. But it is prettier than the black. The aluminum and chrome unibody with the white accents have an oldschool sci-fi feel. Like an object out of Kubrick's 2001.
Personally, I find the iPhone shown here a tad too thin for my tastes. Still, the photos are based on iPhone specifications suggested in the latest batch of rumors.

iPhone rendering

iPhone rendered image

Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone will likely arrive in September or October. When it does, it will almost certainly look different than Apple's last two models, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. All right, folks. Are these renderings bitter or sweet?

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