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Hero Academy Is Headed To Steam And Is Bringing Some Big Changes With It

Hero Academy Is Headed To Steam And Is Bringing Some Big Changes With It

June 29, 2012
Hero Academy, an online turn-based strategy game that was released earlier this year, is officially coming to Steam this August. Robot Entertainment announced that players who purchase the game on Steam will unlock an exclusive team featuring characters from Valve Corporation’s Team Fortress 2. Additionally, each expansion team purchased in Hero Academy on Steam will unlock a unique item in Team Fortress 2. Robot Entertainment CEO Patrick Hudson stated:
Working with Valve on this major franchise and bringing their popular characters into our world is groundbreaking in the world of gaming. It marks the first time we’ve seen a major crossover of characters from the PC to mobile devices and from the first-person shooter genre to turned-based strategy. It’s a great testament to Valve as a visionary partner and their passion for giving gamers what they want.
A short teaser trailer shows the Team Fortress characters' Hero Academy makeover: If you haven't played Hero Academy, it features asynchronous gameplay, meaning you can make your move whenever you have time to, rather than playing a battle start to finish in one sitting (think: Words With Friends). That same asynchronous gameplay paired with cross-platform compatibility will surely let Hero Academy spread across a much broader audience. If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, you can find Hero Academy for free in the App Store.

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