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Updated: Playing Xbox 360 Games On Your iDevice?

Updated: Playing Xbox 360 Games On Your iDevice?

June 4, 2012
Microsoft could be readying an Xbox 360 companion app for iDevice owners. Called “SmartGlass,” this technology would give users the ability to stream content from the gaming console onto the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, according to Kotaku. In news that would be huge for active gamers, this so-called Xbox Live Companion app, would ultimately allow users to stream those powerful Xbox games onto their iPhone or iPad without any additional hardware. For example, according to the report:
An example we heard from this source was Halo 4: start playing the game on Xbox 360 and, if you've got XBLC on your phone or tablet, it will become a Halo 4 companion application. Turn the game off and switch to something else that the app supports and it suddenly becomes your companion for that game.
Update: Ars Technica confirms that "SmartGlass" won't actually stream content. Alas, it will let you control your Xbox 360 game with your iDevice. They state:
SmartGlass, unveiled at E3 today, isn't Windows-only, as it was promised for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Windows phones and tablets. One demo showed how a tablet will add to the experience of playing Madden on Xbox, as you can use the touchscreen to diagram plays with your fingers. Another demo involving Halo showed the use of a tablet to modify the player's gun and manage the players in a multiplayer game.
Would you like to play your Xbox 360 games on your iDevice? Source and Photo: Kotaku

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