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Punch Quest Coming Soon To iOS

Punch Quest Coming Soon To iOS

June 25, 2012
Rocketcat Games and Madgarden have released a trailer for a new game that is coming soon to iOS. Punch Quest looks like a 16-bit running game circa the 1980s, according to TouchArcade. According to the report, “the developers aren't calling Punch Quest an endless runner, but rather an endless puncher.” And punch, you will. Punch Quest features include:
  • Punch an egg, causing you to explode into bones, while the egg explodes, revealing you inside the egg, but you're now riding a velociraptor.
  • Eat mutagenic food, causing terrifying hallucinations.
  • Cause the velociraptor you're riding to shoot lasers out of its mouth. Shoot the lasers at the ground to fly around.
  • Juggle enemies with launching uppercuts and fast jabs, to keep up massive combo streaks.
  • Slam an enemy into the dungeon floor so hard that it causes a shockwave.
  • Punch a treasure chest so high into the air it crashes into a bat, both killing the bat and spilling coins everywhere.
  • Turn into a gnome. Get stung by bees. Explode.
  • Turn into a unicorn, becoming happier than you've ever thought possible. Then explode.
  • Dish out and absorb damage to increase your power, letting you use equipped abilities and devastating Supermoves.
  • Spend money on IAP coins, because Punch Quest will be "Free-ish" in the style of Temple Run.
Take a look:   Rocketcat (Mage Gauntlet) and Madgarden (Sword of Fargoal) have yet to announce a release date for Punch Quest. When they do, we’ll let you know. Are you looking forward to playing Punch Quest? Source: TouchArcade

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