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Send The Evil Alien Robbers To Their Doom In Amazing Shape Shifters And Win A Copy

Send The Evil Alien Robbers To Their Doom In Amazing Shape Shifters And Win A Copy

June 9, 2012
Amazing Shape Shifters by Nevosoft icon

Amazing Shape Shifters ($0.99) by Nevosoft is a cleverly designed puzzle game that combines physics, gravity, and shape into challenging levels that any puzzle lover is sure to enjoy.

According to the story, the planet of the Shape Shifters was attacked by pirates who were after the planet’s crystals, which were an important energy source for the entire universe. The alien pirates miscalculated, thinking the crystals were simple gems.

To save their crystals, the Shape Shifters decided to fight back. It’s your job to help the shifters destroy the aliens and return the crystals to their rightful owner.

There are two shapes in this game: square and round. Shape Shifters, as the name implies, can rapidly switch between these two shapes when you tap on them. Aliens come in the same form, and the goal is to knock them off of the platforms in each level by rolling or bumping into them with the Shape Shifters.

Amazing Shape Shifters by Nevosoft screenshot

Each level consists of an arrangement of tilted platforms. You will need to turn the shifters from square to round in order to send them rolling into the aliens, and then back to square to prevent them from falling off of the platforms themselves. It’s an innovative concept that makes this game stand out from all of the other physics puzzle games.

If a shifter happens to roll off the platform, you will need to restart the level, so removing the enemies without losing your own shifters is the key to the game. Shifters don’t move on their own, so if you send all of them rolling down the platforms and don’t end up hitting all of the enemies, you will need to restart the level.

You won’t need to do anything but tap Shape Shifters at the right time, which may sound simple, but figuring out which shifters to tap and when is actually quite challenging, especially in later levels.

If you get stuck, you can skip a level or watch the solution, but you’re limited to five of these hints. If you use all of them up, your only option will be purchasing more in the app.

Amazing Shape Shifters by Nevosoft screenshot

As you play, you will want to grab the three crystals in each level when you can, because these are used to unlock more levels. There are 72 levels spread across four planets, so there’s quite a bit of gameplay.

In addition to regular levels, there’s also an included level editor which allows you to create your own levels and play levels created by other players. I didn’t have a lot of luck with this feature - most user created levels were unplayable or too simple, so the editor could definitely use a better rating and filtering system.

Still, level creation in Amazing Shape Shifters is a great tool, and it means there’s near endless gameplay. That’s a pretty good deal for just $1.99, though I will say that I’m disappointed the game wasn’t made universal. So many of us nowadays have both iPhones and iPads, so it’s a shame when games make us choose a single device to play on. Definitely something to keep in mind when you’re considering the purchase of this game.

Of course, if you’re lucky, you might just be able to win a copy of Amazing Shape Shifters. We have seven codes for the iPad and seven codes for the iPhone to give away to our lucky readers. To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post by Friday, June 15 at 4 p.m. PDT. Make sure to include the version you would like to win. Good luck!

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