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Are You Quick Enough To Beat Are You Quick Enough 2?

Are You Quick Enough 2? Pro - The Ultimate Reaction Test by phuong vo icon

Are You Quick Enough 2? Pro - The Ultimate Reaction Test ($0.99) by phuong vo is the sequel to the hugely popular reflex challenge game of the same name. Compete against friends to be the fastest tapper in the world. This game is more than just a tapping challenge. Players must have quick reflexes, great math and reading skills and eyes like a hawk in order to complete the various tests.

Are You Quick Enough 2? Pro - The Ultimate Reaction Test by phuong vo screenshot

One of the first levels requires players to fling throwing stars at ninjas that are hiding behind the door. There are three doors, but only two ninjas. The third door hides a geisha that you have to avoid hitting. When all three doors swing open, players must swipe the screen in the direction of the ninjas as fast as possible without accidentally hitting the geisha in the process. Players have 11 seconds to take down all of the evil ninjas in order to pass the level. If you can hit them faster, you’ll get a better score and more stars.

Each level has a different challenge. You may have to break a piñata in less than five seconds, or find a kitty cat that has hidden in a circus. There are simple math quizzes and number memorization tests. Each level must be completed within a very short amount of time for players to be able to continue.

There are also trophies you can win for completing the challenges with extra flair. For example, while you are throwing stars at ninjas, you could win a trophy if you tap on every geisha that appears in addition to succeeding at the given challenge. It may sound simple, but it is a lot harder than it looks.

There are 81 levels and two different modes of difficulty. You must unlock all levels in the normal mode before you can play them in the hard mode. There are also 24 unique trophies that are practically impossible to win.

There is a bonus pack of additional challenges that can be purchased from within the app for 200 coins. There are also power-ups, like level skips called quick passes. This is one of those unnecessary in-app purchase additions that makes it seem like the developer is just trying to make a few extra bucks. None of the purchases are necessary to play the game. The extra game pack amounts to twice as much as the cost of the basic game itself.

This is an exciting and engaging game of brain and reflex challenges. Players will really have to work hard to be a champion in this arena. The in-app purchases are an unnecessary addition that will probably enrage some people, but there is no need to buy anything extra in order to have a blast playing this game.