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Help A Goldfish Find Freedom In Chasing Yello

Help A Goldfish Find Freedom In Chasing Yello

June 28, 2012
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Chasing Yello ($0.99) by dreamfab is an endless runner where a fish is the runner, or should I say swimmer. Help Yello jump, dive and swim his way to freedom from an overzealous little girl who really wants to make him her pet.

Chasing Yello by dreamfab screenshot

This game has a lot of similarities with Temple Run. It is not a clone, by any means, but if you’ve played Temple Run, you’ve got the basic gameplay that Chasing Yello involves. The main difference is the whole water thing.

Yello is a goldfish that has managed to escape the sweaty-palmed clutches of a pig-tailed little girl. Your goal is to help direct Yello as far from society as possible. As he swims upstream and away from the suburbs, he encounters rocks, tree stumps, piranhas, jagged flotsam, flaming logs, and all manner of dangerous obstacles. Oh, and the little girl is always hot on his tail.

To control Yello, simply tilt your device side to side in order to make him move left or right. To make him jump, swipe your finger upward on the screen. To make him dive, swipe down. Yello can either jump over or swim under most obstacles. Which way you choose to send him depends on where the stars are.

Every once in a while, the obsessive little girl will catch up with Yello and try to catch him in her net. The best way to avoid becoming a bedroom decoration is to dive, just at the moment she sets her net out.

Players collect stars along the way that can be used to unlock special power ups in the store. Players can unlock a protective shield, a rocket, a star-catching magnet and much more. Once the power up has been unlocked, players can upgrade it. Upgrades increase the length of time a power up will be active once it is picked up.

Stars are collected fairly easily and don’t need to be bought with real cash, however players can add big buckets of stars through in-app purchases. You can even earn stars by liking the app on Facebook or watching game trailer videos. The video watching trailer appears to be a new way that developers are giving players ways to earn free coins. I like this new trend. It is time consuming, but way better than offering coins in exchange for signing up for a new credit card.

This game is a lot of fun. The graphics are cute and there are plenty of power ups to increase your point score. Stars are easily collected and, even though you can buy them through in-app purchases it is not necessary at all. It should be noted that, while playing on a fourth-generation iPod touch, I experienced minor lag issues. Hopefully, this will be fixed in an update very soon. Other than the lag, this game is lots of fun and a sure winner for fans of the endless runner genre, er … endless swimmer, that is.

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