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Put First Things First With Do Matrix

Do Matrix by haha Interactive icon

Do Matrix ($0.99) by haha Interactive takes a page out of the Stephen Covey book “Put First Things First: To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave A Legacy.” In today’s incredibly hectic world, there are certainly plenty of things that demand our attention.

Do Matrix by haha Interactive screenshot

There are also plenty of apps that try to facilitate tracking these daily demands. The problem, though, is that these apps tend to be pricey. Apps like Today To-Do: Clever Task Management, Pomodoro Task Manager and Nubi Do all cost over $0.99 (I suppose if time really is money, then you need to front the money to buy the time).

But a low-cost, beautifully-designed app doesn’t need to dig into your wallet, as Do Matrix demonstrates handily.

Entering tasks to do in the Reminder app (whether through Siri or on your own) is one thing, but ranking them in order of importance is another. That’s where this app helps.

A color coded matrix of four squares provides a way to list items from most important and most urgent to least important and least urgent. As you enter a task you can select how important it is by selecting the appropriate square. The background field of your task will match the same color.

You can always assign the task a different square if its importance should change. With push notifications enabled, you’ll see a badge of how many activities you have to do. Once you complete the task, you simply swipe it to the side and it’s pulled from the list. You’re then greeted by a satisfying checkmark.

If you have more than one iDevice, you can sync your tasks across the devices via iCloud.

This is a simple and intuitive app that can help you focus on working on what’s important and urgent first. I highly recommend it to help identify the first in your schedule that needs to be done.

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