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Keep The Details Of Your Dreams Fresh With Dreamt It

Keep The Details Of Your Dreams Fresh With Dreamt It

June 7, 2012
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Dreamt It (Free) by Remember, LLC. is a dream journal app that reminds you to capture your dreams and lets you tell others about them through social networking. Just make sure to leave out any explicit information. We don’t want to hear about your tawdry tryst with Salma Hayek.

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I have weird dreams. Many of them include demons, monsters and killing my loved ones against my will. I’ve always been fascinated with the stuff I come up with while I sleep. I kept a dream journal for almost a year during another time in my life. I’ve often thought about taking it up again. To this day, I have strange dreams about my friends and family that could be the beginning of some great adventure tale, or even an epic horror story.

The first thing you will do is set an alert for a few minutes before you normally wake up. The reason you want to wake up early is that dreams can be fleeting in your memory. Writing them down while you are just coming out of your sleep cycle will help you remember as much of the details as possible. Having kept a dream journal before, I can speak from experience that, just the act of writing it down will help you remember your dreams.

Once you wake up, you will immediately want to start transcribing the dreams that you remember. Try not to let anyone interrupt you. Sometimes, all it takes is one distraction to lose your dream. To enter them into your personal log, simply tap the “add dream” button at the bottom of the screen. You can either type it in manually or, if you have Siri and no one sleeping next to you, you can use voice dictation and talk out your dream.

Once you have written it down, you can send a link to Twitter or Facebook to let people know that you have a dream waiting for them to read. Your followers will be able to see what you wrote through a website link. They do not have to have the Dreamt It app to see what you wrote.

When you link your dreams to Twitter or Facebook, they will also automatically publish to Dreamt It’s feed as an anonymous post where other users can read and “like” them. Reading other people’s dreams makes me feel like I’m looking through someone’s living room window. They don’t mind you looking in or they would have shut the curtains, but you feel like you are invading their privacy anyway.

If you’ve always wanted to start a dream journal, this is a great way to do it. If you don’t want others knowing about what is locked up in your head, make sure you turn off the social-network sharing feature. If you don’t mind your friends finding out that you dream about being chased by a viscous dog from the underworld that turns into your mom and you have to kill her before she kills you, feel free to let the world know about your dreams. By writing them down, or telling them to your device, right after you wake up, you’ll have a better chance of remembering the details. It is a free app, so the price is right. Now, get out there and start dreaming.

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