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Tidy Up That Inbox With EmptyInbox For Gmail

Tidy Up That Inbox With EmptyInbox For Gmail

June 2, 2012
EmptyInbox for GMail by John Goering icon

EmptyInbox for GMail (Free) by John Goering provides a quick and easy way to clean up your Gmail inbox. It seems we’re in such a rush to make the badge notification or the number in bold go away by simply opening the email that we then forget about. If email was a tangible thing, we’d probably be buried over our heads in it.

EmptyInbox for GMail by John Goering screenshot

That’s where this app comes along. With only a tap of a button you can archive, delete, or pass over your messages. The app starts off at the bottom of your chronological email. You’re only shown the first 100 messages to help with “focussing (sic)” on them.

Instead of viewing the whole message, you’re shown the sender, subject, and the first two lines of the message. Tapping the email doesn’t show you the whole thing, so you might not want to delete emails you can’t identify just by those two lines.

Hit the arrow button to move on to the next one. The inbox button will archive the message. If you want to find the message easier once it’s archived, you may want to hit the star button. It will mark the email as a favorite and then archive it.

Or, if you want to nip your insanely-packed inbox in the bud, you should probably just use the trashcan button to delete your emails and be done with them once and for all (I mean, really, who looks through archived mail?).

EmptyInbox for GMail by John Goering screenshot

This is a free download, sporting just a small banner for ads at the top of the screen. Upgrading to the pro version will set you back $1.99.

While it is a quicker way of going through your inbox than through Gmail or any other third-party app, the question really becomes, do you need it? What advantage is gained over having a neat little inbox? I’m certainly not worried about going over my limit, since I’ve only used 9% of my storage in over five years.

However, if you’ve been wondering what would be the best way to clean up your inbox, then certainly give this app a shot.

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