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Challenge Your Friends To A Game Of ExQuizit- The World’s Biggest Quiz

Challenge Your Friends To A Game Of ExQuizit- The World’s Biggest Quiz

June 4, 2012
ExQuizit - The World

ExQuizit - The World's Biggest Quiz ($0.99) by Boboshi is a trivia game of epic proportions. Play alone or with friends as you fill your head with as much useless knowledge as your brain can fit and prove that you’re the smartest person alive. This game is on sale for $0.99 to celebrate its launch.

ExQuizit - The World

The first time you open the app, you will pick your region. You can play in North America, UK and Australia or the International region. Each one will cater questions more specific to your area. For example, in North America, the political questions will be about U.S. government while the UK and Australia region will have questions about Parliament.

After picking your region, you can decide to play a solo game or play with friends. Once you’ve picked the number of players, up to six, and given everyone their own slot on the friend list, you can pick the level of difficulty. If you are playing with friends, you can increase or decrease each person’s level of difficulty. For example, I played with a friend who is a film studies major, so he selected expert. I chose normal because I don’t know as much about movies as he. We played the Film and TV category and, in the end, we tied the game in questions answered, but he was the winner because his questions were more difficult.

You can mix up the level of difficulty in the questions. They don’t all have to be expert. If you add the other two difficulty modes, some questions will be harder than others.

The next step is to choose a category. You can pick Film and TV, Geography, Science, Miscellaneous, Sports, Music or History. You can also mix and match categories, selecting between one and seven different options.

After picking your categories, you will choose the game mode. In Classic mode, players are given the question and the answer is interpreted as correct or incorrect by another player. Once the player gives his answer, the correct response can be checked. If the player was right, or at least close enough, he can earn a point.

The Multiple Choice mode allows players to physically select their answer from a list of options and the computer decides if it was correct. In Same Question mode, all players are given the same question to answer. Multiple Choice and Same Question mode both have a Timed Attack version where players are only given 30 seconds to answer a question. You can also choose between five and 40 questions per game for either a quick round of trivia or a rousing night of fun with a group of friends.

The game looks great and plays smoothly. There are so many options for categories, difficulty levels and game modes that you’ll never play the same way twice. The questions in the expert mode aren’t really all that hard, but are still challenging enough to be fun for everyone. The game is on sale for half off at $0.99, which is the perfect price for this game. At the full price, I’d say it’s a bit too expensive. Get it while its on sale and you won’t be sorry.

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ExQuizit - The World's Biggest Quiz
ExQuizit - The World's Biggest Quiz

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