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Birds On The Wires, Cats On Balloons In Fur And Feathers

Birds On The Wires, Cats On Balloons In Fur And Feathers

June 8, 2012
Fur and Feathers HD by PopAppFactory icon

Fur and Feathers HD ($0.99) by PopAppFactory gives both children and adults a chance to play a fun matching game. Select either normal mode for children, or hard mode for adults.

The setup is that you have birds settling down on three power lines. You’ll need to match the birds by color or by type to eliminate them and score points (having them touch two power lines at the same time would be a quicker way to eliminate them, but that’s not how the game is played).

Fur and Feathers HD by PopAppFactory screenshot

Pull down on the power lines to launch the individual birds up to the next one. Swipe to move the birds together to match them. More birds will randomly appear at intervals, so you’ll need to make sure to keep up with matching.

Get enough scores lined up in a row to enter frenzy mode, where your points will multiply.

Watch out for the two cats tied to balloons. They will appear randomly and attack any pairs sitting on the top line. They’re also known to end a frenzy streak.

The adult mode differs from the child mode in that birds appear more quickly and there is also the addition of a bird trapped in an egg, named Nine. Why is he named after a number? “Nine” happens to be the number of seconds on his timer before he explodes. Match him up with a pair and he’ll explode, giving you more bang for your buck.

While the birds can’t touch two lines at a time, there is a spark that appears randomly. Touch it and a surge of electric current will clear the whole line.

This is a fun matching game that the whole family can enjoy playing. Since it supports multitouch, you could even have multiple people play it at once. Although apparently the age maximum is 99, so gramps will have to sit out on this one.

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