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Build Carbohydrate Towers To Kill Viral Invaders In Human Defense

Build Carbohydrate Towers To Kill Viral Invaders In Human Defense

June 14, 2012
Human Defense by Heliceum icon

Human Defense ($1.99) by Heliceum is a tower defense game with a fun and original theme. Your goal is to protect the organs in the human body from viral invaders, using nutrients to build towers to defeat the viruses.

The levels all take place within the human body, so you’ll be battling viruses in places like the lungs and the heart. Towers are built with carbohydrates, which are introduced to the body in different intervals.

Each tower takes a set number of carbohydrates to build, and you will need to stay on top of your tower building because if the carbs reach the end of the level before you use them, they’re gone forever.

Towers can only be built in predetermined spots, so this is a tower defense game where you have to pay close attention to the enemy viruses and build the proper type of tower to eradicate them.

Human Defense by Heliceum screenshot

You will build towers by tapping on the preselected spot and choosing the type of tower to build. Towers will automatically attack enemies.

Viruses come in many types, such as Multiplus and Velocus, and each type needs a different kind of tower to be effectively destroyed. The key to winning in Human Defense is putting the right tower in the right place at the right time.

A monitor at the top of the screen shows you how healthy the body is (aka how many viruses you have failed to destroy) and you will need to keep the gauge high to win. Another monitor shows you what’s ahead, so you can stay on top of the game.

This is a fairly complicated game with a lot going on, but there are detailed instructions that ease you in. For the first few levels, you’ll concentrate on destroying different types of viruses, but eventually, the game will introduce new mechanics.

Human Defense by Heliceum screenshot

In these later levels, you will need to control the use of your carbohydrates, because not only are they used to build viruses, they’re also used to heal the body. You will need to activate switches to direct the carbohydrates into the body if you are low on health and to keep it neutralized.

There’s yet another monitor at the top of the screen that lets you know if the body is balanced or not. If it gets into the red, you will need to send carbohydrates to give it more energy, which detracts from the number of carbohydrates you have available to build towers.

If that sounds complicated, it is. There’s a learning curve to this game, but if you can stick it out and learn the mechanics of Human Defense, you’ll be rewarded with a fun game that’s quite challenging. I’d recommend this to any tower defense enthusiast.

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