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Use Stars To Fight In Light Byte

Use Stars To Fight In Light Byte

June 15, 2012
Light Byte by Ayopa Games LLC icon

Light Byte ($0.99) by Ayopa Games LLC is your typical matching game with some unique changes.

An optional tutorial is offered when you first play the game. I would recommend it because it gives you some free practice for the task at hand.

A pack of blocks starts at the top of the screen and gradually descends. The primary colors are offered as the first three block colors available, with green and purple available for unlocking.

Light Byte by Ayopa Games LLC screenshot

Match the blocks by tapping anywhere on the screen to shoot a star at them. Hit two or more of the same color blocks and they’ll drop from the pack.

You’ll need to focus on the bottom-most ones because it’s game over the moment one hits the bottom of the screen.

Columns of blocks will also fade as they approach the bottom, making it even harder to match when you can’t see the colors.

Shooting a star at a faded column will reveal the color momentarily, as well as for any nearby invisible columns.

Different power ups are mixed in with the regular blocks. Some of the special blocks can delay the blocks from moving, or even help clear whole rows or columns.

Precision aiming is the key for this game. If you don’t consecutively hit two blocks of the same color, then it won’t count and you’ll need to correct by going after a match for the new color.

You can also score major points by going for combos. The combo meter will show you how close you are to a frenzy, which makes every block the same color and ripe for the plucking. Just make sure to get rid of as many as you can because frenzy mode is limited.

Of all the matching games I’ve come across, this one ranks up there. It is definitely addictive and fun to play.

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