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Minecart Chase May Be Fun, But Don’t Be In A Hurry To Buy This Bug-Infested Game

Minecart Chase May Be Fun, But Don’t Be In A Hurry To Buy This Bug-Infested Game

June 22, 2012
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Minecart Chase ($0.99) by Peta Vision is an endless runner that is one part Indiana Jones and two parts Tiny Wings. Take a ride with that familiar adventurer as he tries to outrun those evil Nazis.

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Before I continue writing this review, I have to mention that I was unable to play very much of the game because it crashed on me constantly. I downloaded it onto three different devices and had crashing issues on each one. I couldn’t even open the game on my fourth-generation iPod touch. Because of this problem, I have to warn you not to download this game until it gets an update that fixes the bugs.

That being said, I was able to play Minecart Chase for about five minutes on my iPhone 3GS before it crashed on me and it was very fun. Therefore, I’ll tell you what I can about it. Hopefully, the developers are already working on fixing the crashing problem and the game playable within a few weeks.

Players control a mine cart that has a sole rider. While his identity is not known, we can assume by his outfit, the cart he sits in, the Nazi that is chasing him and the theme music that it is supposed to be Indiana Jones.

To control the cart, simply touch the screen on downhill slopes and let go as the cart reaches the top of a hill. Just like the popular endless runner game Tiny Wings, players rocket into the air if the jump is timed just right. The main difference with Minecart Chase is that the hills are all tiny. There are no big jumps or steep inclines. It’s like playing the entire game in “hard” mode, right from the beginning. Its very challenging.

Instead of the nighttime catching up to you, a Nazi is chasing the cart. If he catches up to you, he will shoot to kill. You can escape from his crosshairs by tapping the cart booster, which will propel you out of range in a quick burst.

Players earn coins that can be used to upgrade their carts with speed boosts and increased health. The upgrades are cheap and the coins flow freely. However, if you’d like to “pimp” your ride without earning it, you can buy coins through an in-app purchase.

The game seems like it would be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure because I was never able to play for very long before I lost everything in a crash. I don’t mean the cart crashed, either.

Here is my assessment: put this app on your watch list. When the game gets an update, make sure it is for fixing the crashes and then buy it. As it stands, I can’t recommend it. It wasn’t just me, or my device either. I tried playing it on an iPhone 3GS, a fourth-generation iPod touch, and even the new iPad and it crashed every time. If you do buy this game, don’t come crying to me about how you couldn’t play it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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