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Mustache To The Rescue In Mustachio: The Adventure

Mustache To The Rescue In Mustachio: The Adventure

June 19, 2012
Mustachio: The Adventure by dotBot icon

Mustachio: The Adventure ($1.99) by dotBot sees if you can rescue the princess from her alien abductors. You play as Mustachio, a hare with some massive facial hair. Tom Selleck has nothing on this guy.

But just because Mustachio has some mustache street cred doesn’t mean he can rest easy. He’ll have to jump onto monsters to defeat them and avoid obstacles in order to uphold his badass name and save the princess.

Mustachio: The Adventure by dotBot screenshot

Two controls move Mustachio: a directional pad on the left and a jump button on the right. The controls are quite forgiving, even playing on the iPhone’s smaller screen.

My thick thumb covered the whole directional pad, yet I never had to worry about moving in unintended directions. It took me a while to realize that the jump button can be pressed twice to perform a double jump.

Jumping higher can also be achieved by jumping on the bad guys. Mustachio gets thrown upward as the monsters disappear in a poof of smoke. It’s kind of like a rocket jump, though without the threat of blowing up.

You’ll navigate beautiful, polygonal worlds that are full of platforms and perils. A wooden sign will generally warn you of new dangers by showing an illustration of what will happen.

Mustachio has three hit points, as indicated by the heart meter at the top of the screen. Lose them all and it’s back to the beginning for you.

Luckily, there is no need for continues, so you can keep dying until you finally figure out how to move on.

Achievements are available for those looking for a carrot on a stick.

This is a great side scroller that will please any mustache fan. The crisp animation, lively music, and smooth gameplay all combine to make this an awesome game.

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