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Trippy Shoot Em Up Found In Mutant Storm

Trippy Shoot Em Up Found In Mutant Storm

June 15, 2012
MUTANT STORM by Crescent Moon Games icon

MUTANT STORM ($2.99) by Crescent Moon Games is a trippy dual stick shooter in a shoot em up environment. This is actually a port from the Xbox Live Arcade store.

What are the mutants? Little creature-type-things. Why do you need to blow them up? Because. That’s about all you need to know about the plot.

MUTANT STORM by Crescent Moon Games screenshot

Your ship is in a “room” with psychedelic walls and swirly backgrounds. The mutants will literally appear in a storm, and it’s up to you to eliminate them all.

Just leave your finger on the trigger (the right side of the screen) and let your gunfire do the talking. You’ll move on to the next room once you’ve cleared all the mutants.

A belt selection menu is how you select your difficulty. As in martial arts, a white belt is for beginners, while a black belt is the most advanced. Which difficulty you select determines how aggressive the mutants behave, as well as how much your score will be multiplied.

Adventure mode offers 89 levels, where every 10 levels you beat will unlock the next set of 10. This means that you can leave the game and come back to one of the higher sets, without having to replay the whole game. This mode is all about staying alive to move on to the next level.

Tally mode focuses more on how well you score for each room. Defeat all the mutants and then go back and see if you can do it better. Game Center support is offered for keeping track of where you place on the leaderboard, and which achievements you’ve earned.

MUTANT STORM by Crescent Moon Games screenshot

The music for this game is eerie. No doubt about it. Even though you see all of the enemies from your vantage point, you still can’t help but feel that another one is going to pop out and surprise you. That, in combination with the odd visuals, make this quite the trippy game.

Those looking to continue playing the game on the iPad, or those looking for a messed-up trip will most likely enjoy this game.

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