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Hop All Around In Nibble Jump

Hop All Around In Nibble Jump

June 12, 2012
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Nibble Jump ($0.99) by Nibble Games has you hopping around, trying to collect all of the fruits and vegetables in the level. Nibble is just a simple rabbit trying to keep his belly full. Tilt your iDevice to make Nibble jump.

Surprisingly, there aren’t any bad guys trying to stop Nibble from achieving his goal. No timer limit, either. Aside from some weak floors and spikes, Nibble is essentially on his own. The biggest obstacle is finding all of the fruits and vegetables within the level.

Nibble Jump by Nibble Games screenshot

Each time you grab some food it will turn into a bunch of bubbles, which fly into the top corner and add to your count.

You’ll have to choose your moves carefully because you can’t backtrack if you hop through the platforms. Also, touching anything dangerous will make Nibble lose some of his bubbles. Lose all your bubbles, though, and it’s game over. Luckily you have some help in the form of tools.

The life magnet helps you regain some of the bubbles should you lose them to a hazard. Completing levels will give you credits, which you can apply toward upgrading your power-ups. For example, you can increase the strength and duration of the life magnet. I’ve found you really have to try to earn a game over.

The graphics and music add to the entertainment of this game. I don’t know why there’s a skyline of a futuristic city in the background, but it looks pretty sweet. Tilting the iDevice works for this game. There’s no need to make exaggerated movements with it because it is good about responding to the most subtle movements.

If anything, the only issue I have with the game is how bouncy Nibble is. If you’re trying to plan out your next move, you need to take great care not to move the iDevice, or you’ll jump without meaning to.

This is a cool physics based game for young or old players. The lack of enemies makes it more of a skill-based game rather than a try-to-survive game.

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