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Entertainment, Art Meet In Nick Jr Draw & Play HD

Entertainment, Art Meet In Nick Jr Draw & Play HD

June 1, 2012
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Nick Jr Draw & Play HD ($3.99) by Nickelodeon gives your child the freedom to explore his or her artistic talents in an easy-to-use touch interface.

Hours of fun can be had exploring the different tools. Draw and paint, color a picture, make a collage, or play with stickers. You can use anything from color pencils to spray paint.

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A quick animated tutorial shows you how to select the tools and adjust their color or size. An eraser and an undo button are also available for those children inclined enough to use it.

My two year-old loved using the stickers. Nickelodeon characters such as: Dora the explorer, Diego, Team Umizoomi, and the Bubble Guppies are all available for use.

Each one animates when touched. These can easy be placed freestyle on the canvas, or you could draw a background and place the characters in it.

Other interactive elements can be added as well, such as fireworks, bouncing balls, and magic wands. Simply place them on the canvas and they will activate when touched. The balls can even be bounced by tilting the iPad.

The art gallery saves all of your art work that you can always give a second look at, or resume work (after all, an artist’s work is never done). You can also share the picture to your iPad’s camera roll, which could then be pushed out through PhotoStream.

Sharing can be done through email, Facebook, or printing (if you have that capability).

This app is definitely tailor made for children. With lots of bright colors, funny sounds, and entertaining graphics, there’s nothing to not like about this.

The interface is simple enough for a toddler to use, though older children can certainly get more advanced with color selection and drawing size.

While the price may seem steep at $3.99, you’re getting quite the drawing app. Besides, how much would you pay for an actual drawing kit? Best of all, there’s no worry about stray marks on your kitchen table.

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