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Make The Next Academy Award Winning Film With Pixely People Making Movies

Make The Next Academy Award Winning Film With Pixely People Making Movies

June 4, 2012
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Pixely People Making Movies ($1.99) by Nekomata Games is a time management game that lets you fulfill your movie executive fantasies. Head to the studio and start the cameras rolling because you don’t have much time to create the best movie ever made.

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Players start with a production sheet where they decide what type of film to make and who will star in it. Pick a genre and then a theme. For example, you could make a comedy set in space, or a romantic zombie film. Then, give you movie a clever name. If you aren’t good at coming up with film titles, tap the title generator button and your team of researchers will create one for you.

The next thing you’ll need to do is hire some actors for your epic. You can pick up-and-comers for your indie film, or cast one of the big names to generate a higher critic score. You can hire such actors as Tomato Celery, who looks uncannily like Tom Selleck, or Franc James, who bears a striking resemblance to James Franco. The more famous an actor, the more expensive they are, and you’re on a budget. You won’t be able to afford the stars for your first few films.

Once you’ve completed your production sheet and have all of your actors on set, its time to start making your movie. In this part of the game, players must drag employees to the four sections of the studio to help complete the movie. The top level is where filming takes place. You can put all of your workers on the top tier at first to help speed things along. Once the filming is done, a canister on the right side of the screen will drop to the second level, showing that it is time to move onto the special effects department. The third level is the sound department and the fourth is editing.

Players earn points in each department for completed “cans” of film. Depending on a worker’s attributes, cans will be completed at various times. You can earn extra points when an employee generates an inspirational aura. If one of your workers begins glowing with a certain color, drag and drop him on the level that corresponds with that color. For example, if someone starts to glow with a green hue, drop him into the green editing room. The point score will increase when a worker with an inspirational aura is dropped into a department that matches up.

You have three minutes to make a movie. Players must drag and drop employees to the various levels to earn as many points as possible within that time frame. The more points earned, the higher the critics will rate it and the more money the movie studio will earn. More money means bigger movies, better actors and more workers to get the film made.

You will be able to increase your employees’ attributes when they level up. Each one has a good trait and a bad one. You can add three points to their good one, or remove three points from their bad one. This will increase their productivity and get cans finished faster for more points. You can also hire more workers as your studio grows. The more people you have in the studio, the faster your film gets made. Be careful not to put too many hotheads in the same department together or they will spread their anger, causing a slowdown in production.

The pixilated art design and cute soundtrack adds a retro style for fans of old-school gaming.

This game is loads of fun. The time management is challenging and players can upgrade their studio to make bigger and better movies. The only thing wrong with it is the price. It is a bit steep for a casual game. However, it is so fun that it is worth $1.99 if you are looking for a quick pick up game that you can play in three-minute intervals.

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