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Tap To Execute Actions, Zombies In Rock All Zombies

Tap To Execute Actions, Zombies In Rock All Zombies

June 22, 2012
Rock All Zombies by IBA Games icon

Rock All Zombies (Free) by IBA Games is a tapping game combined with zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

Grunvald, Gipsy, and Miss Q are practicing in the garage before their big rock show, when suddenly the power goes out. Zombies. The three don’t have any deadly weapons, other than their guitars. So they go zombie hunting with those.

Rock All Zombies by IBA Games screenshot

Two sets of four taps are available to use: moving forward and attacking. You’ll need to time how you use these as you hear the beat of the background music. Each set is made of a code of dots that represent tapping.

Play them correctly and you’ll perform the corresponding action along with a rocking riff. Not hitting the taps correctly will play a twangy wrong note sound, similar to “Guitar Hero.”

Perhaps hardest of all, though, is figuring out how to get started. Each of the two tap commands includes at least one double-dotted tap. No matter how many times I tried playing it as a double note (kind of like an eighth note) I kept getting the wrong tap twang. All the while zombies were eating my characters’ faces.

So I tried the help button within the game. It just showed the code for the commands. Helpful. It wasn’t until I looked on the app’s site that I read a comment from another user who said you needed to use two fingers on those taps. Ah!

Apparently, also there is a help button on the main menu that shows what to do, but it's little help if you don't revisit that page.

Rock All Zombies by IBA Games screenshot

Then the game became fun. I could actually move the characters and fight back, all in time with the background music.

You can even improve how much damage your characters can take or how much they can deal by equipping them with items from the store. Buy armor, amulets, or guns to give your guys the best fighting chance. Just keep in mind that when you buy a single item, you can only equip it to a single character.

This game is definitely fun and addictive once you get past the mountainous learning curve. With no ads (and apparently unavailable at the moment in-app purchases), this is a great game for free.

So stay rocking, my friends.

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