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Speedy Cups Free Tests If You Can Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

Speedy Cups Free Tests If You Can Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

June 20, 2012
Speedy Cups Free by ShortCut Studio icon

Speedy Cups Free (Free) by ShortCut Studio challenges you to see if you can find the ball under the cup. The atmosphere is set as you play in such seedy locations as a dirty bar, pirate ship, and voodoo doctor’s house,

The game starts off simple enough: a blue ball is placed under a cup and then the cups dance around the tabletop. Select one of the cups once they stop moving to see if you can identify which cup has the ball.

Find the ball and it smiles a cheesy grin at you. Fail to find it and it’s game over.

Speedy Cups Free by ShortCut Studio screenshot

As you would expect, the game starts off easily. You can either follow the cup with your eyes or just hold your finger over the screen to track the cup’s movement. Each round is considered a “level,” and you move on to the next one after correctly guessing which cup the ball is under.

The first 10 levels do a good job of acclimating the player to the game and boosting his or her confidence about being able to guess correctly. However, the game’s difficulty increases by adding more cups and moving them at a quicker rate. After a while, you just have to shrug and take your best guess.

You’ll unlock new cups each time you reach a checkpoint every 10 levels. With 99 different cups to unlock, there’s certainly some variation to be had.

Multiplayer is offered as well. In this mode two players take turns moving the cups to try and fool the other player. This mode is okay, though without the computer moving the cups, it is far less smooth. Multitouch is supported, meaning you can move all three cups at the same time.

As for ads, there is only a small banner at the bottom of the screen, which doesn’t interfere with gameplay at all.

This is a fun game with nice graphics and cool cup designs to unlock. Being free, there’s no risk involved and it’s a good game that you can pick up and set down (provided you don’t mind starting at level zero each time).

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