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Defend The Ant Colony From The Evil Bees In Splat Attack

Defend The Ant Colony From The Evil Bees In Splat Attack

June 15, 2012
Splat Attack by Cupco Games icon

Splat Attack ($0.99) by Cupco Games is a projectile-hurling game where the goal is to defend an ant colony from evil bees by using a pellet-equipped turret to squish the bees into oblivion.

Apparently, the bees are after the ant queen’s riches, so you must stop the bees and their minions, like frost moths and ladybugs, from attacking.

To do this, you will send splat pellets flying at approaching insects by pulling back on the turret to ready a projectile, and then moving your finger on the screen to aim. Aiming is easy because there’s a line that shows you where your pellet will fly, so hitting the bees isn’t much of a challenge.

Projectiles don’t destroy bees in one hit, so you will need to use multiple shots to destroy each one. However, when multiple bees are on the screen, you can knock them into each other, destroying them all at once. It’s a bit like pellet bowling.

Splat Attack by Cupco Games screenshot

This is a campaign game (though there is a survival mode as well), so you will go through levels that increase in difficulty. The game starts with bees, but soon, insects like shuriken-hurling flies and projectile-freezing moths are introduced.

You’ll be tasked with reflecting the shurikens in addition to destroying all the insects on the screen before they reach the colony, which requires a steady, quick hand.

Occasionally splatted insects will drop coins, which you tap to pick up. These coins are used in the shop to buy new types of projectiles and other upgrades.

Splat Attack by Cupco Games screenshot

While I enjoyed the concept of this game and the art style, the gameplay itself was not impressive. Since the entire game consists of sending pellets flying at bees in the same general configuration, it quickly got boring.

There are no in game power ups to grab, and the different enemy types were not enough to keep this game interesting. Upgrades were too expensive and did not offer a significant change in gameplay.

With an update, Splat Attack might turn into a fun game, but at this point in time, it does not offer enough variation in gameplay to compete with all of the other fantastic $0.99 apps in the App Store.

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