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Tap These Tanglers Out Of Existence Before They Steal All Of Your Cows

Tap These Tanglers Out Of Existence Before They Steal All Of Your Cows

June 29, 2012
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Tanglers™ ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd is a matching game that is out of this world. Match as fast as you can to clear the board. Connect two creatures far away for bonus points. Whatever you do, keep those alien invaders away from your cows.

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This fast-paced arcade game is your basic matching game with an alien theme. Players tap two matching creatures, called Tanglers, and they will disappear. You don’t have to match aliens that are right next to each other. A new creature will not appear to replace one that has been removed. Instead, players can match any two aliens on the board as long as there is an open space between them and they aren’t more than two plasma angles apart.

Plasma connects the two aliens once they’ve been tapped. Basically, they are straight lines that run between the two. If your two creatures are in awkward spots that would require the plasma line to make too many turns in order to connect, they will not be removed.

The further apart the matching aliens are, the better. Players earn bonus points for using a “Loooong Line.” Many times, it is better to tap the two closest matches in order to clear the board faster, but whenever there is an opportunity, a long-distance match is a better choice.

Players can change the background from day to night in the settings section. There is also a way to get some very cute wallpaper images. Just hit the “like” button on Facebook and you’ll unlock three wallpapers that will turn your iPhone or iPad into a trashy Sci-Fi novel. The graphics of the game are adorable. There is just the slightest nod to the 2005 console game “Destroy All Humans!” A flying saucer grabs up a cow with its tractor beam in the background.

This is definitely a challenging game. At first, players only have to match a handful of aliens, but after a couple of minutes, the entire screen is filled with multicolored gelatinous blobs that get harder and harder to match. Fans of casual games will enjoy how easy it is to pick up and play. The price is perfect for something so simple and fun. If you like matching games, give this one your full attention.

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