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Free Trapped Fish From Nets In Thirsty Fish

Free Trapped Fish From Nets In Thirsty Fish

June 16, 2012
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Thirsty Fish ($1.99) by SocialBug Labs is the perfect pick up and play for a few minutes at a time type of game. It’s a casual title that’s a bit like Fruit Ninja, in that you’ll be slicing fish to free them from the net while avoiding coins.

When you start this game, you’ll see fish floating by in a net. You will need to put your finger on the screen and keep it there for the entire game. If you lift your finger, there’s a timer, and if you don’t put your finger down before it runs out, you’ll be penalized.

While your finger is on the screen, you will need to move it around to slice the fish that float by, trapped in a net. Slicing them frees them from the net. Slicing coins, however, makes them drop out of the net, and that’s a bad thing, so you’ll want to avoid those.

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You can miss three fish or lose three coins before it’s game over. You will need to navigate around the coins to hit all the fish, which is tricky, especially in later levels when the fish are more numerous and the net speeds up.

The coins that you earn (by leaving them in the net) are used to purchase bonuses. These bonuses include coin immunity (you can hit the coins for eight seconds), fish saver (frees all the fish in the net), and fish magnet (attract fish while repelling coins).

These bonuses each cost 500 coins, which is a bit pricy because you can only use them once. I was disappointed that there weren’t more bonuses and extra items added to the game, because it gets a bit repetitive after awhile.

Thirsty Fish by SocialBug Labs screenshot

There’s a meditation mode, but I found it to be disappointing. All you do is slice the net, which is not particularly entertaining. I’d rather have a fish-freeing zen mode.

Like other ultra casual games of this type, Thirsty Fish is best when it’s played in short bursts of time. I enjoyed picking this game up and freeing fish for a few minutes while waiting in line at the grocery store, but I didn’t want to play it any longer than that.

This is a decent casual title, but it’s no Fruit Ninja. At this point in time, Thirsty Fish is overly simplistic and overpriced at $1.99. While I’d recommend it to those of you who love casual titles, I’d also recommend waiting for a sale.

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