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Why Not Punch Monsters In The Face With Your Unstoppable Fist?

Why Not Punch Monsters In The Face With Your Unstoppable Fist?

June 28, 2012
Unstoppable Fist by Ragtag Studio LLC icon

Unstoppable Fist ($0.99) by Ragtag Studio LLC places you in the middle of the action, since those zombified fish and other creatures won’t punch themselves in the face — that’s your job!

Remember the days where you would spend hours at the arcade, trying to get the high score on a game that featured simple gameplay, but was difficult to master? Pouring in all those quarters and tokens, just to get a piece of the High Score pie? Unstoppable Fist pretty much brings all of this back, right on your iPhone.

Unstoppable Fist by Ragtag Studio LLC screenshot

The game features retro 16-bit graphics and an awesome chiptune soundtrack (available for free download) that will bring you back to the days of SNES and Genesis. If you're like me and grew up on some of the very first popular video games, then Unstoppable Fist will definitely tug away at some heartstrings.

There’s only one game mode, but that’s all you need here. On the first launch, a tutorial will guide you through how to play, though it’s rather simple. Your “unstoppable” hero will be in the middle of the screen — he can’t move away from this single spot. On both sides, there are three “touch zones,” making six total (HI, MID, and LOW). You can only tap on these areas to attack, and not on the enemies themselves. So, for example, when an enemy appears at the HI level, tap on the corresponding side’s HI touch zone to attack.

In addition to these basic attacks (punches and kicks), there are two special types of attacks you can perform. You can tap on two opposite touch zones to perform a Double Attack, or swipe up or down to do a Power Move against enemies that are lined up with each other. Be careful with the Power Move, though, since it will slow you down briefly.

Each game will start out with easy enemies, but it will get harder as time passes. More creatures come at you at a faster pace, so you may end up being overwhelmed. So be aware of your surroundings and keep your guard up! Each time something hits you, a chunk will be taken out of your Unstoppable Meter at the top of the screen — once it runs out, it will be Game Over. The longer you go without getting hit, the higher your multiplier gets. Final scores are dependent on how long you lasted, how many enemies you killed, and your multiplier.

There are three difficultly levels to satisfy everyone, from the casual to the pro gamer. If you do well enough, you are able to unlock two more stages. These three areas bring over 20 enemies each, with all of them needing a dose of your fists (and feet) of fury.

Unstoppable Fist by Ragtag Studio LLC screenshot

Game Center is supported for all of your leader board and achievement needs. There are 33 achievements to obtain, so the replay value is high (as if it wasn’t already) on this game. See how you do against all of your friends! It is just like the arcade days all over again.

I definitely enjoyed Unstoppable Fist, with its fun mix of retro graphics, rocking chiptunes, simple gameplay, and an addictive objective: be unstoppable. And how can you resist a chance to be a character that looks like Brock Samson from “The Venture Bros.”? Oh, and this guy kicks butt like Samson too. For $0.99, this will be one of the most fun games you’ll be picking up this week.

Now what are you waiting for? These hordes of enemies aren’t going to punch themselves in the face!

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