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You And Your Friends Compete For Total Monster Board Occupation With Zombie Quest

You And Your Friends Compete For Total Monster Board Occupation With Zombie Quest

June 15, 2012
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Zombie Quest HD ($1.99) by Pavel Tarabrin is a board game style battle of wits for the iPad that has you turning your opponents into zombies, or werewolves or some other unnatural creature of the night. Just don’t turn your back on your adversary or you may get zapped into a monster too.

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Players compete against each other in a pass-and-play game that can best be described as somewhat similar to chess. There aren’t any pawns or horsies that move in an “L” shape, but players win by taking their opponents pieces, or in this case monsters, off the board.

Players start out with three pieces on the board. The game piece is some form of monster that players can choose from before starting. You can be Dracula, Pinhead, Wolfman, Frankenstein and others. Players unlock new characters as they progress in the game.

The goal is to have more of your monsters on the board than your opponent once the entire board is full. Every time you move your piece one space on the board, you duplicate the piece. Every time you move next to your opponent’s piece, you turn it into your own. If there are multiple enemy pieces on the board, players can potentially change as many as six in one move.

Players learn special powers that will help them out of a tight spot. You can freeze one enemy game piece for 10 turns, or remove a piece from the board entirely with a giant scooper.

Once every space on the board is filled, the total number of pieces that each player has is tallied and the player with the most wins. The game can get pretty intense as the spaces fill up. One move could turn a definite win into total defeat. You may have 25 pieces while your opponent only has 19 with one open space on the board, but still end up losing the game.

If you don’t have a friend, or a monster, to play with, you can always play against a computer opponent. The artificially intelligent player seems to adjust to your game play style, although I’m not completely sure about that because I only switched up my strategy twice. It could have been a coincidence.

This game is a lot of fun. Players must have foresight in order to plan for attacks while preparing a defensive line of game pieces. The graphics and animation make it seem almost like a regular video game. There are lots of different characters to choose from and a variety of levels to unlock. The price tag is reasonably low for such a fun and well-made game. If you like strategy based board games, give this spooky one a try.

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