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Quirky App Of The Day: Best Decision

Quirky App Of The Day: Best Decision

June 2, 2012
Best Decision is an interesting shopping app that lets you virtually take your friends along with you for decision making. It also lets you know if the best deals are online or local, depending on what you're looking for. You can store preferences and use a slide bar to indicate how vital certain shopping elements are to you. As far as getting a friend's advice for shopping items, it definitely helps. For me, I like getting opinions for clothing that I'm buying since I have no personal fashion sense. For my younger sister, an important element of shopping is getting her parents' approval for cuts and hemlines. We both send pictures back and forth to others while we're trying to pick out what we want. For events like important dinners or special occasions, where you go shopping for a dress in advance, the Best Decision option to post to Facebook can help get an opinion from a large amount of people. However, I warn that one of the preferences that you might check is Victoria Secret. While it's awesome to get great deals about the clothing and "intimates," I would think twice before posting a barcode or picture on Facebook for everyone to see. One big draw of the app is the ability to choose preferences so that you get offers for what you like. I would highly recommend developing the preferences to allow for more options. Maybe it's because I would rather buy a video game than a dress any day, or maybe it's because I live in an area where the stores listed weren't highly available. Regardless, having more options would be a big help in narrowing my shopping choices. Also, adding different categories would be great as well. The idea of being able to set preferences into a shopping app is a helpful one, but adding more categories and shops to the app would improve what's already there. Best Decision is a universal app that's available at the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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