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Report: Apple To Launch Apple TV SDK At WWDC?

Report: Apple To Launch Apple TV SDK At WWDC?

June 8, 2012
There's been a lot of talk about what Apple will reveal during next week's WWDC, including our own predictions. Even though WWDC is just a few days away, new rumors are continuing to surface. The newest one comes from BGR, and proposes that Apple will be releasing an SDK for Apple TV. The report states:
We have heard from a source that Apple will be introducing a TV SDK at WWDC next week. This would enable third-party developers to create software for Apple’s TV products.
If the rumor is true, this would mean that Apple aims to create an entirely new app ecosystem for the Apple TV. Other than the handful of stock apps on the Apple TV, the closest thing to having it run apps is to use AirPlay mirroring from an iDevice. It wouldn't be surprising if Apple gave out the keys to Apple TV, especially if a new Apple TV iOS is revealed at WWDC. Lastly, if the rumored "iTV" is unveiled as BGR suggests it will be, perhaps the Apple TV SDK will be a way to add appeal to both the iTV and the Apple TV. Undoubtedly, people will likely drool over the iTV no matter what it can (or can't) do, but if Apple demos any kind of wow-inducing Apple TV apps, you can bet that it'll change everything. Again. As always, we won't know the truth until Apple tells us at WWDC. Until then, we'll keep you posted. What kind of apps would you like to see on Apple TV? Source: BGR

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