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Soccer Rally: Euro 2012 Power Slides Into The App Store

Europe's answer to the soccer World Cup, the UEFA European Championships, kicks off this month in the Ukraine and Poland. To celebrate this event, IceFlame Games has launched a new soccer title, Soccer Rally: Euro 2012. This isn't your usual soccer title, however, as can be seen from the trailer below: If you cannot view the embedded video, it is also available here. Soccer Rally lets you take control of your country, via a flag adorned car, in a tournament to become the ultimate Soccer Rally champion. Each team only has one car to control. The aim of the game is to use your car to nudge the ball into your opponent's goal, while stopping them from getting the same ball in yours. Come on, we all know how soccer works I'm sure. Along with some great cartoon-like visuals, the game also features:
  • Play the full European Championships, including the group stages
  • Head to head multiplayer action against an opponent on the same device.
  • Choose to be any of the 16 countries in the tournament
  • Universal support. Buy once, play on all iOS devices
If you have played Ice Rage, you will be instantly familiar with this game, because the mechanics are very similar. You really don't have to be a soccer fan at all to enjoy this little gem. [caption id="attachment_307486" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Two players can face off with each other on a single device."][/caption] The controls are insanely simple, yet very intuitive. You can steer your vehicle left and right and move forward. It's as simple as that. The developer of Soccer Rally has big plans for future updates, according to a post from the TouchArcade forums, so this game is likely to be around for some time to come. At just $0.99 for a universal title, this is a real steal. Does Soccer Rally: Euro 2012 appeal to you? I’m a big fan, due to the simple reason that this is the only way England will be winning anything this year …
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