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Square-Enix Teases New iOS Titles At E3

Square-Enix Teases New iOS Titles At E3

June 5, 2012
Square-Enix, the folks behind the practically legendary Final Fantasy game franchise, have been showing off a few new games at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). While the company has had an everlasting presence on consoles, they have been steadily releasing content on mobile devices. Square-Enix has just released some teasers for the upcoming titles, Final Fantasy Dimensions, Demons' Score, and SolaRola. Final Fantasy Dimensions is sure to be another hit. Square-Enix had this to say in the game's press release:
Drawing upon the roots of the series with such features as beautiful 2D pixel art, job-driven character growth, additional scenarios in which to inherit the jobs of your adventuring companions, and a classic story of light, darkness, and crystals, FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS delivers the best of FINAL FANTASY, retro and fresh alike, directly to your smartphone.

Demons' Score appears to be some type of first-person, rhythm-based action game. In the game's press release, Square-Enix had this to say:

Demons' Score is a breakbeat action game that seamlessly fuses music and battles. The Unreal Engine 3 is used to deliver thrilling touch-based gameplay through a mind-blowing fusion of stunning graphics and music created by hit songwriters.

Quirkiness aside, the fact that this game is powered by Unreal Engine 3 (same as Infinity Blade II) is enough of a reason to keep an eye on it. The game's trailer doesn't offer much insight to the game itself:


SolaRola is Square-Enix' take on the old award-winning puzzler. The company had this to say in the SolaRola's press release:

SolaRola stars Wiz and Waz, the game's blob-like gung-ho duo, tasked with bouncing across a number of challenging planets with the ultimate aim of saving the galaxy. Using whatever comes to hand, the daring pairing must thwart the plans of their nemesis, Ping the Unmerciless who has kidnapped the six guardians of SolaRola's universe. With each planet inhabited by all manner of enemies and hazards, the player must navigate Wiz and Waz across a number of ill-positioned obstacles including rocks, slime, bombs and trampolines.

If you can't see the video above, please click here.

Each title will be available this summer on both iOS and Android. As always, we'll keep you posted.

What do you think of these titles so far?

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